a new blog from Monster


Welcome to MonsterThinking.co.uk, a new blog from Monster aimed at fellow recruiters, HR specialists and anyone else who wants to share their thoughts and opinions with us.

Our goals are to share the things we’re working on at Monster – our beliefs, goals, stories and learnings. We want you to know about the ideas, anecdotes, convictions, and observations that inform and inspire our work as well as how we can make you and your company’s work more rewarding and impactful.
We also want this to be a place where industry thought leaders can share their reactions, ideas and experiences with us.

The kinds of topics we’ll be talking about include:

Talent management – How to find the ideal candidate, everything from sourcing to interview to on-boarding.
Ideas and trends – Topical posts about the latest technology and innovations in the world of recruitment.
News and events – The latest news and developments in the industry along with events Monster are holding or find interesting.
Social and mobile – How you can use social and mobile technology to benefit your business and find the right talent.

At Monster, we believe firmly in being more than just a job site. Whilst we’re experts in matching the ideal candidate to a dream job role, we’re also here to provide candidates and employers with a more fulfilling job search experience leading to bigger opportunities and better prospects for everyone involved.

That’s why we hope you’ll find some of the information a useful way to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry and make your work – whether as a recruitment and HR specialist or even as a job seeker – just that little bit easier.

Want to join in the conversation? Great! Feel free to comment on any of the stories posted here or contact us if you’re interested in writing for our blog. We look forward to hearing from you, and most of all, learning from you.